Saturday, May 5 @ 6:00pm

Cinco de Mayo Party at Dan and Laurel’s. We will have a taco bar with shells/tortillas and beef provided as well as fun activities to get in the spirit of this Mexican (sort of) holiday. Please bring toppings to accompany the beef tacos and/or dessert. Dan and Laurel live in Summerset so please call Laurel @ 545-4852(605)545-4852 for more information and/or directions. Bueno divertido—good fun!!

Saturday, May 19 @ 6:00pm

Potluck and Bible/Book Study @ Christian Life Ministries, 1948 N. Plaza Dr., Rapid City. Continuing the discussion of the next section of “Jesus, Single Like Me”. Please bring a dish to share, your Bibles, and a friend or two and join us for food, fellowship and growing together. For more information and/or directions, please call Lila @ 484-1460(605)484-1460. This is the last chapter in this book so come and join in as we sum up the study.

Weekend of May 25-29

Singles’ Retreat in Hungry Horse, Montana. For more information, please contact Craig N. @ 348-2258(605)348-2258. Sponsored by Friends of SNA.


What Events did I miss?

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